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iKO Premium Products and Quality Roofing in Arkansas


iKO are world leaders in roofing, insulation, and water proofing products. They are exporting residential and commercial products to over 90 countries around the world. iKO has manufcturing plants in the United States and Canada in multiple locations to support its demand. iKO are known for their heavier products which are preferable in high wind conditions. Customers choose iKO roofs for the range of colors and choices available across the catalog. Impeccable quality of IKO products make their shingles the first choice for customers and contractors worldwide.


iKO offers premium designer shingles such as the Armourshake, Crowne Slate, and Royal Estate. iKO Architectural Shingles include Dynasty™, Cambridge, and Cambridge IR. IKO also offers traditional 3-Tab shingles including Marathon 20, Marathon 25 AR, and Marathon Ultra AR.

iKO'a accessory products include the ice and water protectors such as ArmourGard, Goldshield, and StormShield. iKO insulation products avaialable are Ener-Air, Enerfoil, IKOTherm, and IKOTherm III. iKO's low slope products are Roof-Fast 95 Base, Roof-Fast Base MA, and Roof-Fast Cap. iKO also offers ridge cap shingles in which models available are the Hip & Ridge 12, Hip & Ridge Plus, Hip and Ridge, and Ultra HP™.

iKO's roll roofing includes AM Heavy Duty Asphalt Felt and AM No. 15 Felt. iKO roof starters include the models such as Armour Starter and Leading Edge Plus. IKO's roofing system also includes synthetic underlayment such as RoofGard-Cool Grey and Stormtite®.

Here are some of the iKO residential roofing products.



Roofing contractors worldwide can enroll in a certified contractor program from IKO. Becoming a Certified IKO ShieldPRO plus™, will ensure your customers your quality and dedication in the roofing business. iKO will provide training, material, and guidance when you enroll in the certification process.

In order to enroll, a roofing contractor must be licensed in the business for over 3 years to start with. They must be having A+ rating in their localities and meet all insurance requirements. The contractor who is willing to participate must not have any legal issues in their business.


After getting certified, the contractors must meet certain conditions in order to maintain the certification. For example, every year you must submit a completed job and customer feedback to continue. A contractor must install one shingle job for week during the roofing season. Find a certified contractor in your area for more information.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the MidWest and their top services include roofing, siding, and general contractor. The group is known for their historical renovations and home improvement projects. Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, has accomplished several high profile projects in the area.

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the Certified IKO ShieldPRO plus™ Professional Roofing Contractor who can put worry free roof over your home or business. Olde Town Roofing are a family owned business who have several years of expertise in roofing and contracting. They have in house insurance specialists and contracting experts you can accomplish your project within time and with hiqh quality.

Ask for special discounts and guarantee such as double life time guarantee, lien release guarantee, in-house service request guarantee, and so on. Olde Town Roofing has customer-service oriented professionals who can complete your project in a most professional way. Call Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information.


Olde Town Roofing has a truth-in-price policy which offers real price and fair value at all times. Olde Town Roofing will take most care not to overprice in order to give deceptive discounts. They have partnered with roofing experts such as iKO to offer 100% material guarantee on all products purchased. Olde Town Roofing has a comparison check list which lets you compare the prices offered by a similar contractor with that of theirs. Contact Olde Town Roofing today at 3097385550.

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